I'm not sure how this band managed to dodge my radar this long, but luckily I received a copy of Incite's second full-length entitled All Out War. They are a band from Arizona that play an interesting combination of groove and thrash metal. Any fan of thrash will instantly recognize the fact that the lead singer's last name is Cavalera (for those who don't know, Max Cavalera and Igor Cavalera were the original rhythm guitarist/vocalist and drummer, respectively, for Sepultura. Other bands they've been in include Cavalera's Conspiracy, Soulfly, and Nailbomb). However, you could ignore that fact altogether since he's clearly making a name for him and his band on his own, which is expressed throughout this record.

"The Aftermath" is a perfect opening track. It's a pretty straightforward, mid-tempo song with a lot of groove. The choruses are very catchy and I can see it being it being yelled back by the crowd at shows. There's a bridge (or a breakdown if you really want to call it that) that allows a little bit of variation before the title to the album is uncovered with the line "all out war has begun." There is clear attention to songwriting with this band. They know what metal fans like to hear and cut out any frills or extra unnecessary parts. There's enough variation and interesting moments to keep the audience entertained, but there aren't any over-the-top moments either.

The band is incredibly tight, and it's definitely impressive on a second record for any band to be this on-point. It doesn't hurt that the production is great and everyone in the band does their part extremely well. Tracks like "Feel the Flames" and "Hopeless" show the band's willingness to branch out their sound. They contain more melodic moments and excellent guitar hooks. It is also apparent that they all about playing what's right for the song, not what will impress people the most or show off their chops. There's a great sense of groove, melody, dynamics, and songwriting in general on this album.

Songs like "Exposed" and "Retaliation" showcase the band's need for speed. Winding and technical guitar riffs paired with huge, memorable choruses make these songs stand out among a dime-a-dozen "revival" thrash bands.

My only gripe with this album and it's a minor one at that, are some of the lyrics. At times, they seem pretty cookie-cutter for a band like this. We've all heard defiant lyrics such as "I know that I can do anything with or without you, I don't need anyone." It does seem genuine throughout the record, as the vocals are incredibly abrasive and passionate. A good portion of the CD deals with either the lyric writer's or the band's as a whole struggle with being in the band. "There was no other choice for me, this was my chosen destiny."

I would highly recommend this to any metal fan, especially those who like groovy and/or thrash metal. With a release that sounds like a band that has been around much longer than they have, I'm looking forward to what they have in store next release.