I wasn't real stoked when I saw this CD in my latest package of discs for review. It was pretty obvious right away that this was going to be an all girl band from the the band name and album artwork. What I didn't expect was for The Dirty Panties to actually be tolerable.

On I Am A Robot, Melanie Ash leads her band with commanding vocals through thirteen punk influenced rock songs. I hesitate to call this punk rock as it is a little too polished and pleasant despite an abundance of cursing. That isn't a bad thing though. These girls know how to write a hook and excel at it on the majority of these tracks. There are a few duds like "Undefeated" which sounds like a track dedicated to Danzig getting knocked out by the dude from North Side Kings. It caught me off guard to hear the band cover that topic, but the song is weak. "Money (That's What I Want)" is also covered for the millionth time on this record and sounds tired. That song needs to be put to bed.

Where the band shines are on tracks like "Confighted" and "Figment Of A Girl". The band sounds completely competent on all of their instruments, but the real star is obviously Ash's vocals. Her vocals soar of the bouncy pop punk riffs and throbbing bass expertly. They also do well at walking the line between embracing the novelty of being an all girl band and ignoring it. They acknowledge it without going over the top and milking it thankfully.

Female singers in rock bands is a delicate thing for me, but The Dirty Panties pass the test for the most part. This isn't the most amazing record I've heard, but it is enjoyable. That is at least better than I was expecting.