About three years ago I reviewed Eclectika's last full length Dazzling Dawn. I absolutely hated it. So I was fucking bummed to receive their latest record Lure Of Ephemeral Beauty for review.

Eclectika are exactly how I remember them, atmospheric black metal that is plagued by absolutely horrible female vocals. As stupid as a genre as atmospheric black metal may be, it sounds fine until the over the top operatic vocals. Eclectika wouldn't be completely out of place alongside bands like Agalloch or Alcest on some levels, but I can't stress enough how much these vocals ruin this record. Fuck it, those vocals ruin the whole band. It was the same problem on their last record. Sebastien Regnier handles all the instrumentation and some vocals, perhaps if he did the whole thing on his own the end result would be better.

I know this is a half ass review, but these fucking woman's vocals are so god damn grating that I don't want to give this record any more of my time. I've listened to two records by this band and I hope I never have to do it again.