On their sophomore album Holy Grail re-introduce themselves to the metal world in style. From the opening track to the last these guys show that there is still a place for traditional heavy metal. With the addition of ex-Bonded By Blood guitarist Alex Lee the band seems to have found the guy the were looking for to help steer this band to success on Ride The Void.

James Paul Luna proves that the days of lead singers being a signature part of heavy metal bands aren't over. His voice soars over these songs with an incredibly catchy and anthemic feel that many singers wouldn't be able to achieve. Guitarists Alex Lee and Eli Santana share shredding duties and excel at producing a ton of melody and respectable solos. Although the majority of what Holy Grail does is guitar driven, they manage to keep a level of modesty in the guitar work. Sure there are times when the noodling gets a little over the top, but for the most part the songs don't suffer from overindulgence.

I do have two complaints about this record. First is the length. At almost an hour, even the catchiest records get a little tiring and that is the case here. The other thing I don't like is the small amount of more guttural vocals. They are brief and used in moderation during the heavier moments, but I wish they were left off the record.

I picked this to review after reading some good things about the band and I wasn't disappointed. For a sound that is pretty traditional there aren't many bands playing good old heavy metal. This is the type of record with choruses that you unintentionally find yourself humming hours after hearing it. Listen to tracks like "Ride The Void" and "Crosswinds" and I'm sure you'll find yourself coming back to this record.