Ancient VVisdom is a rare band in the modern music world. Their name is spelled incredibly stupid, they write truly unique music, they have ties to Charles Manson and used to play in Integrity. By that description you would likely imagine I am talking about a metal band. Well you would be completely wrong. Ancient VVisdom play mostly acoustic blues/rock/whatever that seems heavily inspired by occult-ish themes.

On Deathlike, frontman Nathan Opposition seems to be obsessed with mortality. Each song shows a high quality of somber song writing. The vocals hit some flat spots, but overall it is a good performance. There is nothing high energy about this though. I've been listening to this while trying to fall asleep lately and it works. I like to think of it as acoustic doom. It doesn't sound like someone playing doom metal with acoustic guitars, but it carries the same consciousness. "Last Man On Earth" deviates from the rest of the songs into more of a Country direction, but that is the only instance.

Ancient VVisdom is out on tour right now with Royal Thunder, Pallbearer and Enslaved right now. To hear that an acoustic band is on this tour would seem absurd, but once you listen to Ancient VVisdom you will see how well they do fit in.

If you have any interest in dark and depressing music I highly suggest you get your hands on a copy of Deathlike. It grows on me more and more with each listen. I definitely need to be in the mood for it, but it is perfect Winter time/shitty weather music.