Voivod is a band I have admittedly never really taken much interest in. I've always been aware of them, but something about them never really intrigued me enough to check out their extensive back catalog. I'm sure that may be sacrilege to some metal enthusiasts, but their futuristic aesthetic always threw up a red flag for me.

After seeing their latest album Target Earth sitting in the review pool for an extended amount of time I finally decided to give it a shot. I was provoked a considerable amount by reading other reviews and articles on this record, but seeing steady references to H.P. Lovecraft didn't give me much enthusiasm. Still, the bands reputation as a mainstay in metal with their roots in Thrash seemed like reason enough to finally give them a chance.

Early into the opening title track I knew I wasn't going to be incredibly impressed by this record. The progressive sci-fi style of the band is a little overbearing for my tastes. Voivod style of industrialized thrash metal has been a hard sound to adjust to for me. It certainly has grown on me with multiple listens, but it hasn't been easy.

The strange jerking riff driven motion of the band was the first obstacle I had to overcome. Usually I would like something with more fluidity, but the stop/start formula got more appealing as the record progressed. The next bump in the road was the vocals of Denis "Snake" Bélanger. His gravelly delivery covers a variety of ranges and fits the predominately mid-paced thrash. The vocals are adequate because I couldn't imagine how else they could be executed and fit in with the music.

Despite this being Voivod's first record since the death of founding guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour, the band seems to have successfully moved on. As I said before I am relatively unfamiliar with the band, but all of the other critics opinions seem to confirm that Target Earth is a great step forward for Voivod. Personally it doesn't make me want to go check out all of Voivod's releases, but I will definitely keep Target Earth in my library.