Split LP's are a real pain in the ass to review. It is the essentially the same as writing two reviews for two EPs. So I have been listening to this record for well over a month now and slacking at writing a review strictly because it is a split. Well I think I am ready to finally write something about it.

A389 Records put out EPs by both of these bands in the past so it wasn't a huge shock to see them paired up again on the same label for this split. Ancient Shores released their awesome Step To The Edge EP a couple years ago. Unfortunately I don't think it ever got the praise it deserved. From the opening track "SSDD", Ancient Shores makes it clear that they are still churning out top notch metallic hardcore. Seriously, I love that fucking song. I already put it on my playlist of favorite songs that is cleverly titled "Favorites".

A lot of attention has been given to the song "Omen" due to the guest vocals provided by Chris Colohan (Cursed/Burning Love/Left For Dead), but honestly I didn't even notice them until I was told about his part. Where the attention should lie is in the dark and depressing songwriting expressed throughout the song. These guys don't add any unnecessary frills to their songs, yet keep them exciting with reasonable shifts. They continue to take the road traveled by bands like Coalesce, Deadguy and other 90's metalcore favorites, but sound fresh and new.

Cynarae released their self titled record sometime last year. Here they drop another eight songs on their side of the split. Their sound is heavily influenced by 1990's Bremen style metalcore. On top of that they add a layer of crust and d-beat to give their sound even more texture. I was initially a little underwhelmed by this side of the record, but it has grown on me a ton. These songs have a little more grit and grim than the Ancient Shores side, but I think it compliments them well.

Apparently these guys are going on a bit of a hiatus since the release of this. I'll be looking forward to their return as these songs seem to be a decent improvement on their earlier material.

So what I am trying to say is this record is awesome. Please believe it is much better and more enthusiastic than this half ass review. I suck, this record doesn't.