I couldn't resist the description of this one. "Don't blink or you'll miss it, two song grind EP." Go on....

I know I've come across this band before, being directly related to the absolutely classic grind machine Brutal Truth, but I have just never given Total Fucking Destruction the time of day. For those curious, Rich Hoak, who drummed for BT, also does the drums on here, as well as vocal work.

I'm not exactly sure about this being a pure grind record, but there's really not any other label that fits, and even if I could I'd have to use the word "grind" to describe it anyway. Both songs are rooted in classic extreme metal. "Monsters" is the thrashier of the two, classic style guitar solo and all, and "Rainbow" mixes blastbeats, manic yelling akin to a hobo yelling on a street corner, and some oddball backup singing. It almost sounds like what would happen were Faith No More to create a grindcore song.

The sheer novelty value and irreverent attitude make the songs an interesting listen, and I definitely wouldn't mind hearing more, but I do wonder how much of it I could take, depending on how long and drawn out their full albums are. I can envision the possibility of this style going south after about 5 or 6 songs.

Either way though, if you can get ahold of this, it'll literally only take up less than 4 minutes of your day. Spend it doing something fun. Maybe you'll have a new favorite band. On a side note, all of these guys are also involved in a similarly jokey but more traditional metal band called Old Head, which is worth a try for 80's underground metal fans.