Odyssey toned stoner rock travelogues meant to induce gazing and lazing or perhaps encouraging meditation and maybe long introspective staring contests with the living room carpet. Whichever you prefer, Pombagira, a psychedelia-glazed doom metal duo, are releasing their fifth album, Maleficia Lamiah, a two-track monster heavily weighted by Electric Wizard sized distortion and 60s influenced jam rock floatation.

Helmed by guitarist Pete Hamilton-Giles and drummer Carolyn Hamilton-Giles, husband and wife interestingly enough, Maleficia Lamiah stands as an expansive headscape of sorts, charred guitar riffs hanging in the air throughout the band’s lengthy treatises on witches and death. When the distortion is allowed to settle, some interesting guitar textures are explored, especially during the title track where notes are ghosted and layered, transitions end as they’re being played, fading into new musical sections and the sounds of birdlife squawking overtop manipulated guitar effects. It’s appropriately trippy and not as repetitious as you might expect.

At first, “Grave Cardinal” has a bit more focus evident in the band’s decisions and less of the otherworldliness attached to its sound. Washes of organ music, though, immediately bring to mind Pink Floyd, and an aural largeness becomes apparent followed by some nice harmonies. The massive crunch and chug of Pombagira’s volume dominates the rest of the album, doom-scarred bliss fading into the band’s own Technicolor abyss.