Took a random chance and ended up with Acaro. Worse things have happened to me this week.

Initially my jaded and cynical ears heard this record and went "ok blah blah blah, metalcoreish melodic stuff with screamy vocals and technical riffs, I bet I could guess where every riff on this record goes." In reality, it wasn't that simple, I must say, and if melodic metal is for you, it couldn't hurt to at least check this out.

On first listen, this has all the trappings of modern metalcore; you have your shrill, screamy vocals, At The Gates-inspired riffing, blast beats here and there, and slower parts to mosh to. However, after a couple honest chances, some of the grooves and riffs grew on me a little here. Nothing is new or revolutionary, but the execution here doesn't leave much to be desired. Acaro can actually lay down a solid banger or two, especially when they are thrashing and not playing breakdowns.

What you ultimately have here is some classic Swedish inspired metal bolstered by a solid production and intense attitude behind the attack. You can, unsurprisingly, hear slight bits of other bands like Pantera, Slayer, Hatebreed, and their ilk. "This Treachery" is probably my favorite example of all of that. It lacks the abundance of terrible breakdowns that often exemplify this music, favoring hard nosed, semi-complex riffing throughout to drive the point home. And it's short too. Lord, I love a metal record that stays on focus instead of praddling on for hours and showing off how much musical masturbation it can showcase.

There are of course drawbacks. A lot of this record is indeed standard, and often doesn't really sound like a specific band, rather just a collection of riffs that remind you of their influences. This one won't break any molds, or impress jaded assholes, or maybe even get noticed at all, but at least you can say Acaro is trying. They did good in the process, and actually tried. There are so called legendary bands who can't even say that.