I was lucky enough to get an advance listen of the forthcoming Abdicate album. Being quite the fan of their first two releases, I was quite excited. Fragmented Atrocities in the Rochester, NY quintet's 3rd release. Most notable for fans of the band is the return of The Yeti on vocals. I really enjoyed Juan on the last release, but have to say that Yeti's voice, and definitely live presence, suits the band perfectly.

By the time bands reach their 3rd release they're usually quite seasoned and set in rather well with their sound and songwriting. That statement is 100% accurate with Abdicate. The band is firing on all cylinders here and they're firing pure energetic brutality! The band has seemingly hit their stride perfectly and carved out a fantastic slab of death metal.

The album's music (sans soundclips, I'll get to that) just flows and does so with awesome energy. They have honed their skilled for what I am confident in calling their finest release yet. I've said this of the last album, but the band just continues to improve. The drumming is fluid and very tight setting a blasting and grooving foundation for the pummeling riffs and Yeti's gutturals exorcisms. All of the band's death metal ingredients are blended perfectly.

Honestly, my only drawback with this album is the use of samples. Most noticeable is the opener; it's an edited clip of George Bush speeches that made the rounds on the internet 5 years ago or more Yes, the edit still holds some levity, but Bush has been out of office for over 5 years now and to start an album off like that was for me a little dated and off putting. Other songs have more humorous samples, so it was a bit confusing after a strong political statement. However, the music without a shadow of a doubt makes up for my personal distaste with the sample use as it's incredible New York styled brutal death metal done completely right!