NJ's Old Wounds are pretty busy these days, touring for what seems like forever. After putting out two EP's in 2012, they got the attention of Glory Kid Records and here we are today. Recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Code Orange Kids, Magrudergrind, Pulling Teeth), From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest is Old Wounds proper full length debut. With a solidified lineup of Kevin Iavaroni on bass/vocals, Zak Kessler on guitar/vocals, and drummer Brandon Gallagher, the band showcases their chops throughout the 25 minutes presented. So much has evolved with the band's sound and is really starting to come together, and that is really evident on album opener, "Shallow Water". "The days are getting longer, the nights are getting worse! I've tried to keep my head up, why can't I break this curse?" screams Iavaroni, whose vocals are of a higher register and are greatly complimented by Zak Kessler's low register guttural barks.

Kessler's guitar tones are crunchy and mid heavy, his riffs varying from thick chords to flashy rock influenced single note runs. Iavaronis bass tone is heavily distorted but defined, and Gallagher's drums are incredibly punchy and organic. Most songs range from a minute to about two and change, but "Void" is the glaring exception, clocking in at 4 minutes. I hear plenty of nods to early 2000's metalcore as the band rips some discordant breakdowns ala Martyr AD. This influence is greatly evident in first single, "Disbelieve". While much of the brand of hardcore Old Wounds plays has been done in some shape or form by countless others, they find a way to leave their personal stamp on it and keep it fresh. This is a fun hardcore record that definitely holds up to others in the big leagues.

Those familiar with the band know that Old Wounds has just spent the better part of a week stranded in Oklahoma with a blown out transmission, due to some dickhead's negligence at a Walmart. This record is worth checking out and if you like it I highly recommend BUYING it, and supporting 3 dudes that give their all to a scene we're all proud to be a part of. From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest" is out NOW.