Good afternoon, boys and girls. Do you like heavy, crushing hardcore? Me too. And so, apparently, does Objection; these boys hail from the Keystone state and pummel through a bone-snapping, heavier than hell 6 tracks on their debut EP. Reminiscent of bands like Reign Supreme and Venia, make sure you put on your helmet like mommy told you to, and headbang your ass off.

"Objection" opens the album with a thumping, fret-jumping bass riff and frantic, almost-tribal sounding drums before throaty vocals a la Reign Supreme storm in: "OBJECTION!" Following this is a mind-numbingly thrashy riff, with double bass punctuation and vocals like exclamation points on the hate-filled, defiant lyrics. The only objection I have is that the song ends too soon. However, my desire was satiated by the next track, "Crossfire," with its headbanging, scowl-inducing guitar work, and all the subtlety of a Mack Truck. After a short break, Objection brings us the stupid-heavy ending of the track, "WE WERE BORN TO LOSE."

"Fear Monger" is a sweet ode to their production, featuring some of the clearest, finest recording I've heard since Reign Supreme's "American Violence." Hearing every snap of the snare drum, every string on the guitars, and every slapping note of the bass, this song, along with "Dying Dreams" prove to be the groovier tracks on the album, forcing the listener to drowsily nod, if not bang their head--and headbang I did, and everyone in Starbucks is looking at me like I'm an idiot.

"The Animal" is a 43 second banger, which breaks into lightning fast riffs and some of the angriest lyrics on the album, unrelentingly bringing down the hammer of self-indignation upon the head of their audience before seamlessly launching into the closer, "Already Dead." Aside from the sweet-ass instrumental parts of this track, it also features some of the most diverse vocal work on the album--from classic Scott Vogel-style barks, to Jay Pepito-esque throat-bleeding aggression, to, my favorite, the syncopated vocals in the opening a la Chad Urich from Venia. Awesome showcase of the talent, and a great closer to a fantastic album.

Even though the album, at points, borders on things we've heard from bands like Buried Alive, Reign Supreme, or Venia, what it does best is take the best aspects from each of those bands, and throws them into an Industrial-sized blender, making for an ice-cold, heavy hardcore smoothie. Drink it down.