Typically, I'm not a fan of post-hardcore. For some bands, I don't understand the extreme aggression at one point and the poppy sounding vocals in the next. It comes off as a weird bipolar song structure that I'll never understand. Also, weird concepts like on Defeater's records or self-pitying whine fests aren't something I like or can relate to. Luckily, Gainesville Florida's Frameworks combine the perfect balance of intensity, aggression, melody, and atmosphere with interesting, insightful lyrics that should catch any heavy music fan's ear.

My favorite thing about this band is their incredible and effortless knack for dynamics. They convey raw emotion as well as I've ever seen captured on record. There's also a great attention to detail that will encourage many listen-throughs. For example, there's clapping that syncs up with the drums in "Ida." You might notice right off the bat that it's hard to make out exactly what the lyrics are. Personally, I like this since it gives you more incentive to look up the lyrics.

Where "Ida" begins, "Sewn" and "Model Homes" continue effortlessly. "Ida" does a great job of introducing you to the band and what's in store. However, there are standout moments on each track. The last 20 seconds or so of "Sewn" has perhaps the most intense part of the 7" with the lyrics "Throwing myself down the stairs of my life. I can’t help myself. Any part of me." "Model Homes" starts out with a beautiful soundscape of lush clean chords and arpeggios. You can hear the vocalist screaming in the distance, all which contributes to the atmosphere.

"Old Chokes" is a great closing track, it seems to resolve the frantic and tense nature of the record. There is actually a trumpet part for a bit of the song, and it's one of the most beautiful moments on Small Victories. Going back to the point about paying attention to detail, they really nailed it on this one. Another one of my favorite parts was on this song, with the band minus the drums dropping out and the vocalist screaming "The soil is as far as I can go."

This record is just as much aggressive as it is beautiful, memorable as it is frantic. I'm not one for making bold statements in reviews, but I think it's safe to say this is one of the most unique and memorable EP's you'll listen to this year. Extremely creative songwriting with tons of depth and atmosphere, haunting but beautiful lyrics, and a step up from Frameworks' previous release is what you'll find here. Let's hope the debut LP is a "Big Victory" because these Small Victories leave me wanting more.