Hesitation Wounds, the debut EP by the band of the same name, is interesting in the way that it came to be. Conceived after only 5 hours of writing time, the band is comprised of Touche Amore vocalist Jeremy Bolm, Neeraj Kane of The Hope Conspiracy, ex Against Me! drummer Jay Weinberg, and Stephen Lacour of Trap Them. The EP is comprised of an intro track and 3 originals, all sounding like a heavier, kinda progressive Touche Amore. Thats one man's opinion, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Bolm's vocals are tiresome to some but seem suitable on the content presented.

Production is as simple as the songwriting process, fairly raw and not much put into it. This EP isn't trying to pretend to be some glossed up modern hardcore record. We're essentially listening to the end result of sporadically written tunes by 4 guys who barely know each other musically, which is kinda cool.

Overall, this is a 9 minute solid EP that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser to fans of the band mentioned. Preorders are up now via Secret Voice Records.