2 piece powerviolence masters Iron Lung return with their first LP in 5 years, which seems like an eternity amongst others in the genre. Powerviolence bands are typically known for large outputs of new material, given the short song structures and production rate. Iron Lung has participated in many splits and even put out some EP's in their hayday, but 5 years between full lengths is fairly hard to come by. Anywho, White Glove Test starts fast and furious with the 1-2-3 punch of "Pain Directive", "Heirs To The Prize",and "Non-Contact Visit". All three songs clock in under a minute and are the shining example of what grinding assault the band is capable of. Being a 2 piece band, Iron Lung concedes a bass player on recording, keeping the sound faithful to the band's live show. All low end is filled out by a punchy kick drum and booming toms, courtesy of drummer/vocalist Jensen Ward. Things take a turn to the slow and gloomy on "Brutal Supremacy I", which is then followed by more fast paced grind on parts II and III.

Guitarist Jon Kortland's tone is beefy and mid heavy, completely keeping your mind off the lack of bass. Kortland's playing ranges from frenetic power chords and chugs to intense dissonance. Plenty of stop-start moments and tempo changes keep the listener on their toes, these guys have played together for awhile and do it well. Those interested in unique heavy music, this is your new favorite record. There's enough here to please the dudes in the pit, the powerviolence purists, the dudes that nod while their arms are crossed, and the drunk dudes just grooving. White Glove Test is out now via the band's own Iron Lung Records.