Poisoned Void is the debut full length from Finnish death metal act Vorum. After their Grim Death Awaits EP and split with Vasaeleth they have stepped up big with these eight songs.

The lazy description for this is traditional technical death metal, but fuck it, that is pretty much exactly what Poisoned Void is. From the hard hitting drums to impenetrable guitars these guys hit the nail on the head. The production presents the right contrast of grime and polish that fits perfectly with the mix. The two most frequent comparisons I am hearing have been to death metal legends Autopsy and Incantation. I certainly hear it, but I think these guys do plenty to stand on their own. There is a great mix of technicality and bare bones brutality that keep each other from becoming overbearing.

The evil vocals of Jonatan Johansson are pretty standard for the genre, but are pretty clear considering how guttural they are. Clarity is a small attribute to vocalists that I greatly appreciate so that helps makes the record a little more accessible for me. The guitars keep the record from losing any energy and throw in well placed solos that are welcomed as some songs start to get a little stale.

I haven't read much up on these guys to see if they are cool to like or not. Whether they are or not doesn't matter though, I think this is good. If you like old school death metal I'd imagine you would feel the same.