Solisia is a female fronted symphonic/power metal band from Italy. So's boring.

I have never had a problem with power metal or symphonic metal, but I've never been able to appreciate it with female vocals. Solisia does absolutely nothing to change that. While Elie Syrelie's vocals aren't entirely to blame, she is just satisfactory. I was expecting a broader range and something a little more operatic. Instead she comes across as any other female singer for a mainstream radio metal band. I believe that also has a lot to do with the music on this record though. Everything on this record just sounds so plain and boring. I've listened to this record quite a few times now and absolutely nothing about it has stuck with me. To quote Gordon Ramsay, "It's bland!"

I don't really know what else to say about this. There is nothing here that I find engaging. With few exceptions, the choruses aren't as huge as I expect out of power metal. The music is adequate, but nothing overly impressive. The songwriting is just so middle of the road that it becomes tiring throughout these eleven songs.

UniverSeasons isn't an awful album, but I don't like it at all.