I'm high on cocaine. She's a crazy bitch. Yeah motherfucker.

It's time for another Buckcherry record. I remember when they first popped up with that high on cocaine song. The band always played this shitty cock rock bro stuff and that didn't change when they had their biggest hit ever about banging crazy bitches. Let me tell you why that was annoying. That song was fucking huge. If you were in a bar while that was popular there was no doubt you would hear it at least once. Unfortunately, every time it did come on the ladies went wild. This always annoyed the shit out of me because every woman was suddenly a "crazy bitch" and sang about how they tore it up in the bedroom. Lets get this straight a good woman in the sheets is hard to come by, I'm sure the same can be said for men, but I'll never know. I realize that it isn't Buckcherrys fault that all these idiot women acted like this, but I am going to blame them anyway.

I've had a bad taste in my mouth for this band since then and that didn't change the one time I listened to Confessions a couple weeks ago. I don't really give two shits if it isn't professional as I said before I am not a professional. Fuck this record, fuck this band, fuck their fans, fuck the world, don't give a shit, don't ever judge me.

There is one song where that stupid junkie Joshua Todd sings about getting into fights. I already thought he was an asshole so it isn't like it was detrimental to my perception of him, but god damn does he sound like a douche bag. I'd love to see this dork get into fights. I'd like to see some Celebrity Death Match shit between him and Fred Durst. Fred Durst hasn't even offended me in years, but he is about douchey as this guy.

Anyway, this record completely sucks. I'm sure they'll have some hits and sells millions so great for them, but I'll hopefully never hear it again.