Caleb Scofield's solo project, Zozobra, is a pissed off musical offering from the Cave In member that has offered two previous albums. Both "Harmonic Tremors" and "Birds Of Prey" were atmospheric and sludgy, yet increasingly devastating. On the newest offering, "Savage Masters", Scofield kept things pretty straightforward and aggresive. Tthings get started rather quickly with opener "The Cruelest Cut". A count off on the drums and all hell breaks loose on my speakers. I instantly notice the BEEFY bass tone dominating the mix and adding to the overall intensity of the album. Things stay pretty uptempo for the opening track, before dialing back and coming off a bit more slow and crushing for "Venom Hell". The production is fairly dry and upfront, with the exception of some reverb on the drums. The guitar audibly sounds like a tube amp being pushed to its limits, producing tons of natural amp distortion. The aforementioned chunky bass tone helps support the guitars against the pounding drums. Scofield's signature barks always sound great with heavy music, and his vocals here are no exception.

This entire "album" is only about 15 minutes long, and still offers some moments that get progressive and weird. This is most apparent in "A Chorus Of War", but only lasts for so long. Fans of Cave In and Old Man Gloom will definitely embrace Savage Masters, and I have no trouble in believing fans of heavy music in general won't be far behind.