10 years ago my ears were blessed with Wormed's first full length Planisphaerium. It was unlike anything I had ever really heard. It was incredibly brutal and unique. The riffs were spastic and incredibly heavy. The drumming was amazing and all over the place. The whole aura of the album just hits like a ton of bricks. Seeing them live in 2005 at Maryland Deathfest cemented them as one of my favorite death metal bands. That evening they made the mighty Cryptopsy look like child's play.

Many, many, many years, nothing happened. The only real news we heard was the unfortunate departure of Andy C. on drums. For me, this made me quite worried for the band as he was VERY important to creating their sound. In 2010 we were treated to 2 new songs from the band on their EP Quasineutrality. Phlegeton covered the drums for it. Immediately any worry I had went out the window. The songs were absurdly good and worth the wait. It was a window to what was to come on the promised full length.

Fast forward almost 3 years and we now have Exodromos. With Wormed I have come to learn that nothing happens fast. The first question seemingly every fan wants to know, was it worth the wait? HOLY FUCKING SHIT IS IT EVER!!! This album is absolutely crushing on every possible level.

I was admittedly a bit hesitant on how good this album could possibly be considering the time between full lengths. I went back and forth thinking they could never top the first album to thinking it's taken them this long, it has to be a masterpiece. Well, it's a masterpiece. They've improved on every facet of the band. Still intact are dynamic technical riffs, crazy drumming, impossibly low vocals, and of course, the sci-fi storyline (their story involving a man named Krighsu).

I can't stop listening to the album. I haven't been this excited by a release in some time. Each listen brings a huge smile as well as new revelations in the riffs. It is so intricate and full of depth. The songs are perfectly woven to create what is easily not only one of the year's best releases, but one of the genre's best releases in many years. People sang the praises of Planisphaerium (and still do); I have a feeling they'll be doing the same with Exodromos for years to come. Sure, it took a decade to get it, but if this is what they come up with in that time I am more than ok with that! Hopefully a followup doesn't take another decade, but they've certainly set the bar extremely high to be able to top this one!