Hailing from the Keystone state, Pray For Teeth is a heavy, heavy hardcore band that is redefining the boundaries between hardcore and metal in a slow, brooding assault that is fueled by anger, aggression, and lyrical genius. Taking elements from Doom metal, 90s hardcore, and Post-Metal, and throwing them in a blender, this band puts out the hardest, heaviest-yet ambient, music I've heard thus far. Genre-less brilliance.

From the opening moments of "Paper Courage," the guitar tone is overwhelmingly heavy, gritting, and fuzzy as hell--an instant plus. Adding in thick bass tone and meticulous drums, this song sets off the EP on a stunning note, leaving the listener in awe. With every snare, my heart skipped a beat, and every guttural, hoarse scream sent shivers down my spine. The lead taps, slides, and drones, while the bass plays furiously to overcompensate the rhythm section of this 3-piece. This song is a wall of sound, an all-encompassing barrage that enfolds the listener with emotion, melody, and crushing passion.

"Heavy Restless" is the perfect second part to "Paper Courage," starting off exactly where the latter started with a guttural scream that is unparalleled, and plunging directly into the track. Every time the band leads the listener into a melodic segment, they rip it away like a carrot on a stick--or, rather, throwing the carrot away and beating the listener with the stick. However, this is such a welcome sonic beating, and eventually, the listener finds the melody where the band has hidden it, but not without working for it. Haunting, elusive, and unrelenting, this song is an absolutely essential listen for every fan of hardcore or metal; this song will shape the face of both genres.

With this EP, these Pennsylvania boys have displayed a life-altering, anxious, catharsis-less, and we are eternally grateful. Stunning.