Tenebrae is a band that blends punk, hardcore and even black metal. With Vocalist Mark Civitarese of the Unseen at the helm with members that played in Slapshot and Blood For Blood you know that this has got to be some quality music.

While listening to this it reminded me of the last Unseen album released. This is definitely not a bad thing. The heavier sound and the new elements compliment Mark's vocals extremely well and make the album very enjoyable to listen to.

With only six songs the album flies by and leaves you wanting more. This is just a taste of what they can do and hopefully they do it some more with a full length release.

Even with an Unseen feel to it, it establishes its own sound and could be enjoyed by people who aren't a fan of the classic band. This has actually become one of my favorite releases so far this year. Go check it out and listen to some great punk with many different influences mixed in.