Of Legend combine many parts of rock and metal into one. They have an always atmospheric sound that can go from post-rock to post-metal, metal, progressive metal, sludge metal, you get the idea. They play off of all these really heavy and interesting pieces of music that let the listener interpret the story they convey through the use of a minimal amount of lyrics. This makes it clear that the band wants this to be more of an experience which makes you sit down and listen to the whole record.

These 5 songs last about a half an hour, and it does keep you captivated throughout the whole duration. The only real problem I had with this CD was that there aren't any incredible stand-out moments. This isn't a totally bad thing however, since I'd rather there be no incredible moments and it all be good than one or two great moments and the rest of it being unlistenable.

The idea of using a very minuscule amount of lyrics leaves the music to speak for itself and stand out on its own. During this time, you'll probably be thinking about the lyrics and story which is what the band wants you to do. The band describes the lyrics as "awakening, journeying, and arriving; but the story itself is largely left to interpreting as the listener sees fit."

Overall, if you like diverse music that always keeps it atmospheric and heavy while telling a mysterious story that is up to your interpretation, definitely check this band out.