So I was told by someone who shall not be humiliated publicly that this band wasn't as awful as the stuff being cynically churned out by Victory Records these days, and like a fool, I believed it. I guess I am a sucker who wants nothing more than to hear a band that reminds me of the golden age of that label but that was twenty years ago, times have changed, everyone from that era is staring down the barrel of middle age, and these kids today don't know what they're missing.

Continents play a tepid style of deathcore mixed with djent and the occasional dissonant break purloined from Converge or Norma Jean. There are chest-slapping emo choruses and faux-rage stomp parts, and breakdowns... oh, the breakdowns, punctuated with 808 drops. I can see a lot of kids flyswatting to this. The band hails from the UK and does a decent enough job at reproducing modern American metalcore. Every element is present, but like the days of old, a copy of a copy never quite captures the sound of the original, and in the case of this particular sub-genre of music, the original was never all that great to begin with.

That's not to say that there isn't an occasional catchy riff or that it's not heavy in some parts. There are some elements here that make this worth an occasional spin, but there is just too much of everything else that is so overdone. I do like the production of the album. I just wish I could like the music that was present. As it stands now, I just don't feel any sincerity in it. It's just too formulaic to be genuine. It reminds me in some ways of the street gangs in Japan who dress like they're straight out of the cast of Grease who have dance-offs instead of knife fights. I'm left with a sense of perplexed wonder, asking myself why a band would do this.

If this is what the kids like today then I am truly that disconnected old man, and you know, I'm kind of okay with it. That aside, the band members are skilled at what they do, and I hope they can come into their own identity at some point. Idle Hands, however, just isn't cutting it for me. It may be better than a lot of the swill being poured forth from Victory these days, but that's not really saying much when The Bunny, The Bear is on that label. Maybe there is room for improvement, but I won't hold my breath.