I always feel like a bit of a dumbass when I come across a band that seems relatively new to me and find out they have been around forever. The name Rotting Christ sounded familiar to me, but I can't lie and say I've ever listened to them. So whatever I'm guilty on not being kvlt or something, hang me and go back to your goat head soup knowing that another poser has been eliminated.

Having been around since 1987, Kata Ton Daimona Eautou marks their eleventh full length release. By doing some research on these Greeks it seems like there has been a lot of evolution in their sound throughout the years. This record is presented as some form of black metal and while there is plenty of that going on there is still so much more. Add in equal doses of gothic, industrial and doom metal and you start to build the foundation for Rotting Christ. The elements of each sub-genre weave together to make a complex but accessible record. The vocals shift from harsh barks to monkish chants and additional female vocals in the bands more delicate moments. I am assuming that all of the lyrics are in Greek because I can't understand shit. It doesn't take away from the record at all though. If anything it adds to the ominous feel that is present from the first track to the last.

Now that I have been properly schooled on Rotting Christ I can confidently say I am a fan. Their epic version of black metal is among the more interesting takes on the genre that I have heard. The only downfall is some of the repetition, but it is really a small complaint. I don't think I am going to go back and listen to their extensive catalog, but Kata Ton Daimona Eautou will definitely stay in my collection.