This is without a doubt the most confusing "death metal" album I have ever listened to and will try to review.

The reasons I say this? Well first of all I don't have any recollection of SFU ever being or trying to be melodic. Second, having breakdowns that are intentional in the tough and djent kind of way as oppose to their classic, slow, death metal groove way. Which gave inspiration to many Death metal bands after them. Where the hell did these influences come from and what for?

It seems as if SFU are trying to cash in mimicking bands like Decapitated and even more towards the "deathcore" genre, but doing a terrible job at it. Or maybe they really just want to confuse the shit out of people cause there is some classic SFU riffage in these songs. Tracks like "Inferno" and "Prophecy" make me reminisce of them classic windmill headbang parts. Then there are tracks like "Psychosis" and "Fragment" that blatantly have a major influence of the aforementioned and on the very cheesy side.

I understand broadening your horizon as a band along with bringing new influences to every album. Having Kevin Talley would also help me do those things. But why so drastically? Why borrow styles from bands you probably had a great deal influencing in the first place? Kind of reminds me of that time Sepultura influenced that band Korn and then wrote an album that they stated Korn was a huge influence while writing. Yea that album was Roots and that album blew compared to every album before it.

Although you're not respected across the board I know all fans of the genre can agree that albums like Warpath and Maximum Violence are classic. No you don't have to copy them every album, but why halfass it by trying to be something more you have no business being. That's like a chef mastering a dish and then throwing more spices in it which consequently ruin it. Maybe they've finally smoked themselves stupid, who knows.