Celtic punk rock, whatever a miserable genre. I know this shit is incredibly popular with large numbers of people, but I have never been able to get it. There are definitely catchy songs, but I can't make it through a whole record. Early Dropkick was good because they didn't rely so heavily on it. The Pogues were good because it actually sounds traditional and not so over the top. Flogging Molly......fuck Flogging Molly. The Tossers have been around longer than both Dropkick or Flogging Molly, but haven't had the same level of success. I don't think that is because they are worse than the two more popular bands. I think it is because there is only so much room for such a niche sound.

The Emerald City is exactly what you expect out of Celtic punk record. Tin whistle, mandolin, fiddle, Irish accents, and the usual subject matter. If you want to analyze it a little further, The Tossers are a more Celtic than they are punk. That may be a trivial observation, but at least you know which side they lean farther towards.

The biggest question I have is if singer Tony Duggins is actually Irish or not. I fucking hope so because otherwise my mind is blown that he would fake such an obnoxious accent. I know the band is from Chicago so I don't have much faith that he is off the boat.

I thought I would enjoy this record a little more. I'm not sure why. I don't listen to any of the aforementioned bands on a regular basis. Unfortunately I found this record incredibly boring and completely cookie cutter for their genre. That is all.