Alright, it looks like it's that time in my batch of physical copy reviews to do the ones I'm absolutely dreading to review. I have no idea how this guy knew of Stereokiller to send his record in, but you probably won't want to listen to this record unless you're over 50. I don't think I've ever been more confused or clueless as I am trying to describe this album. Here goes nothing.

According to his Facebook page, Glenn Eric is "not only an acclaimed indie singer-songwriter." But wait, there's more! He also is a novelist, using monikers such as "Jr. Ripley, Nick Lucas, Marie Celline"??? and others. This is just as confusing to me why the album was sent in to Stereokiller in the first place. This is a snooze fest with songs that never seem to end. These songs are all really typical lyrically, with songs like "Baby, I Need Your Company" and "The One That Got Away."

Maybe this is my naivety to pop songwriting, but these choruses just are drilled into your head. The problem is they're not that memorable. So instead of you wanting to sing along with them by the third time around, you just want the song to be over already. It's all so laid back without any real excitement. The only thing this record would be good for is falling asleep to for me.