Death Metal giants from Sweden, Zombified deliver straightforward, brutal music with their second album, “Carnage Slaughter and Death”. The music is heavy and grind-core fast, but still fitting into the death metal charge, not letting up at all. If you want fast and heavy, then this album is for you.
Although the musical styles would seem to clash a bit, combining Death Metal with Grind-core and adding a bit of crust/anarcho punk to the mix for extra added brutality, this combination of extreme styles works well and will leave the listener satisfied in the end.
The album itself boasts a 12 amazing songs ranging in times between two and a half minutes to just over five minutes long. But this isn't just mindless filler songs placed between a few good ones to add time to the album. No way, instead we're treated to a brutal assault on the ears and imagination. Each song seems to be painting a story of sorts. Add in the sporadic and occasional, yet fitting sound bites and what you have here is a great album!
Fast drumming alternating from double bass to blast beats mixed in with the heavy guitar riffs, then add in the deep, guttural, growls of the sometimes dual vocals and this album is a complete success.
Over all, its a great sounding record that has enough killer songs that it will appeal to fans of old school Death Metal as well as fans of the newer generation of the genre. Like I said though, its a good, solid album with plenty of tunes to keep your head banging well into the night.