Let me first just state that Fredrik Norrman formerly of Katatonia is the guitarist/main song writer for October Tide. That right there should give you a pretty good description of what these Doom metalers sound like. Swedish Doom at it's finest, melodic and epic. Only with no clean vocals and frankly on this album, who needs em.

Wasting no time opening track "Of Wounds to Come" immediately give us that Katatonia-esque sound. Lead after melodic lead over slow yet steady riffs. Bringing more emotion to the music than just about any other band of the genre. Throughout the album the listener gets nothing short of beautiful and insightful song writing. Refreshing to say the least, as the album goes on it only gets better and better. Each song leaving a different sense of sorrow and agony. Leaving the listener enlightened.

New vocalist Alexander Högbom gives a great performance of deep guttural vocals that give a sense of true dark emotion. Which many doom frontmen have a problem executing well and genuinely. Sharing many resemblances to Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth.

I can't keep from coming back to the Katatonia comparison or even Swallow the Sun as well. With that said, I like Tunnel of Light more than both those bands latest releases. For another Swedish Doom band to put out a full length with no filler or lackluster is inspiring and impressive. Especially when the heavyweights of the genre can barely keep up, October Tide sneak up there with a contender for a potential album of the year. At least in the Doom genre.

I highly recommended checking out the song below that we have on their featured bands page. Enjoy.