Of course being ignorant and rude I sat on this record for quite some time. With a band called Blockheads can ya blame me? Yes, yes you could cause you never judge a book by its cover. Imagine if Agoraphobic Nosebleed or Total Fuckin Destruction took themselves slightly more serious, now mix that with the new school elements of grind. Perhaps in the same vein as Wormrot. Now put all that in the blender and make yourself a Blockheads- "This World Is Dead" smoothie. Now after that first sip spit it in your friends face and sock em. Yea that's pretty much what I wanna do when I finished this album.

25 tracks later and I'm pretty overwhelmed. No slackin for these grinders. Fast, blasts and mosh. Straight to the point without a second to think. Not like every track was incredible, but the not so good ones are still good enough. I see plenty of grindcore bands having that dilemma unless they're part of the elite. But let's be real here, besides Pig Destroyer I can't even think of another grindcore band that can keep my dick hard for that long. Blockheads do come damn near close to it.

I should've known better than to not trust Relapse records for putting out another top of their game grind record. For that I apologize. If you're a fan of the grind/grindcore genre and/or just like really fast music in general you should give this album a listen and try not to mosh into your significant other. Don't let the dumb name fool you.