It Prevails hailing from Portland, Oregon has undergone many changes throughout the bands inception in 2004 with Ian Fike at the head, subsequently, adapting and evolving their sound. This band has gone from strength to strength with song writing and creative aptitude. Stroma is an album combining elements of ‘The Inspiration’ and ‘Capture and Embrace’, its alluring guitar and stronger vocals give this band their contagious sound and Fike’s attractive voices that focus on emotion, love and human attrition.

The album instantly shouts ‘It Prevails’ with Holes its opener, a fast tune that sets the trend of the album with a quick tempo and alluring lead guitar, it is a song that is reminiscing of the style and band itself. Furthermore, introducing prominent clean vocals that set a precedent for the album, the direction that Ian Fike is pushing towards, the last remaining original band member. The Task represents the sound It Prevails are attempting to develop, in addition, with tracks like Shine Through, Artisan, Something More and Breakaway. These are the songs that are showing maturity and expansion to It Prevails. Although this sound is capable of propelling the band forward into many hearts it looses the unique song writing and hardcore progression that is represented in The Inspiration. Thus, could be argued alienating not lovers of the band but of the specific genre. Yet it is difficult to argue against a band exploring new avenues and changing style.

If I had any criticisms at all I would have to say that the album drifts to much lacking that extra track that picks at your senses… those tunes remain at the beginning and the end of the album allowing you to drift away for the middle. Also, simply missing the invigoration that previous guitars had on other albums, consequently, attacking the beautifully melodic element of their music that is ‘It Prevails’. However, its difficult to criticise this band as they are unsung frontrunners for melodic hardcore at this stage.

Three tracks to note are Stroma, Cage of Gold Bars and luxury, check these out for the message and general sweet vibes. If you’re looking for a new avenue check this band out and they will remain close to your heart. Currently signed to Mediaskare records, Perdition the impending album is due to be released in 2013, one that am very much looking forward to. Look out for future releases from a band that uses every once of heart for anyone who will listen.

‘We need to find a place where we can reach our highest potential.
A common goal among us will bring us together.
Though not achieved, I am trying. I am trying.’