This is Various Cruelties' debut record. From London England, Various Cruelties draw upon different influences and combine them to get their alternative indie rock sound.

The band's ability to sound different either can work in their advantage or be their downfall, depending on the listener. For me, it was a good thing, as different songs reminded me of different bands and genres that they may or may not have drew influences from. For example, "Dry Your Tears" reminds me of new-wave like Squeeze or Joe Jackson. "Chemicals" and "Beautiful Delirium" have very anthemic, stadium-rock grandiose to them. "Cold As You" and "Neon Truth" have some simplistic gritty moments to them, comparable to the Black Keys or the White Stripes. You get the idea. There's a lot to offer from this band and they have a depth to them that will encourage multiple listens.

On the other hand, if you're looking for one cohesive effort of an indie rock album, this may be too ambitious for you. It may seem unfocused and busy rather than adventurous with this mindset.

There's lots to enjoy if you like different types of genres that fall into the rock family. Lots of sounds are explored with a great feel and soul to them that I feel a lot of bands can easily look over or lack today. These are portrayed well through the vocals which have a lot of sincerity and soul to them.

For some, this may be a great listen that keeps you entertained with great hooks, variety, and feel. On the other hand, for some this record could confusing or overwhelming. I'd recommend listening to this if you're a fan of any or all bands that were listed in the review or 'similar bands' section.