I was never a big fan of Earth Crisis. Having heard a bit of Sworn Enemy and not hating them and Cro-mags being such a classic hardcore band. I decided to check out this supergroup with members of Earth Crisis, Sworn Enemy, Cro-Mags among others.

After giving it a listen, I found it to sound a lot like Earth Crisis. This at first put me off of them but as these two songs progressed I found that I was much more into this band than any of the bands before.

Vocally it is very Earth Crisis but with this backing band it fits and is well done. I really enjoyed the vocals here paired with the music stylings of these veteran hardcore players.

My favorite of the two is definitely "Scratched off the Map" the heaviness were done just right with the added faster parts. If they could release an album with more songs like this or at least a bit faster I could see myself getting into these guys.

If you are a fan of Earth Crisis, Sworn Enemy, etc., you will probably be absolutely in love with these guys. Personally I can't get into this style of hardcore very easily. It has all the right things to make it enjoyable but for some reason it just doesn't cut it for me. If you are curious about them go check them out, it's only two songs and they are streaming them for free.