Again, I will say this one time: I do not listen to doom metal very much. However, as one member mentioned last time, I am assuming that Cough falls under the Sub-subgenre of Stoner Doom. Also, I'm not sure what vein of doom metal Windhand plays in (second song is Funeral Doom-y, first song isn't), but it rules.

Regardless of labels, though, this album is badass. Thick guitar and bass tones lead both bands' tracks, which are prevalent in most Doom bands--of any subgenre. A pretty par-for-course track, with "Athame," Cough embraces the Stoner Doom elements in full force, but with abrasive vocals (which I prefer), unlike Moss or Skepticism (or at least the songs I've heard from the bands, respectively). 18 minutes of heavy, heavy metal.

Windhand, however, offers a different side, with more traditional Doom vocals, like Moss or Skepticism. Their first track, "Amaranth" takes a faster pace than their counterparts, and utilizes thick chords, but in a slightly more jammy way. Instead of a slow head nod, "Amaranth" evolves into time changes and cathartic, stoned-as-hell leads. Their second track, "Shepherd's Crook," goes back to Funeral Doom, unifying the split.

All in all, a great split that is equal parts aggressive energy and anxiety/dread. I'm not a huge fan of Doom, but these guys got it right.