Over the years, Jungle Rot have been a band I've honestly never given a fair listen. There's no apparent reason for this, especially considering I really enjoy death metal bands in their vein of sound. I saw them live not too long ago and instantly regretted all the years of ignoring the band. Their live show was crushing and instantly I had to hear everything by them.

I checked out all I could by them and loved it. The early releases weren't easy to find. Thankfully, Victory Records (rare I use those words with the label any more) has reissued the band's underground classic demo Skin the Living. Out of print for 15 years, it has received the remastering treatment. It sounds better than ever the recordings/songs have more than stood the test of time. That's amazing considering this is their first demo!

The tracks here are filled with brutal riffing, heavy grooves, and great intensity. It's strange to me that the band hasn't been more popular over the years. They have a real identifiable sound and one that has remained very consistent throughout their career. Hopefully, a re-release like this will bring in new fans because it's definitely deserving. Fans of forms of heavy underground music will find something to like here. From death metal fans to hardcore fans, Jungle Rot delivers the goods.