The newest grindcore band from the always-fertile South Florida, please welcome: Beastplague. An aural onslaught, similar to Napalm Death or Magrudergrind, these Florida boys bring us an incredible 7 songs in 6:40. This shit is nuts; Beastplague is taking you to Headbang City.

Starting off with the terrifying "Lapse of Sanity" intro track, complete with maniacal cries and screams that turn into homicidal laughter, it only gets more vicious, violent, and kickass from there. The intro leads right into "Crown of Scorn," a volatile, snare-and-bass worshiping blast of metal fury that rips through 1:13 like Mike Tyson ripped off Holyfield's ear: beautifully and cleanly.

"Born of Sin" is an unrelenting, double-time grind, that will bang your head all the way to the bank. Evil as shit, "Drained of Life" and "Labyrinth of Torture" show the groovier side of Beastplague, letting themselves slow down, but never losing any of the hatred or aggression.

"World of Filth" brings us another lightning fast, skull-crushing ode to Napalm Death that leads seamlessly into "Feast of Locusts," which is easily my favorite song on the album. It riffs harder than your favorite metal band, and is more pissed than your favorite hardcore band. The perfect closer to this EP, and if you have this shit downloaded, it repeats right back into "Lapse of Sanity," for a psychotic, fucked-up second dose of this album.

Holy shit, what a debut. These Florida boys made an absolutely mind-blowing EP. And, the best part is, I don't even listen to Grindcore. This shit is just that good.