I give very few albums 5/5. The highest I usually go is 4.95, which is close enough. However, Oddczar, hailing from my hometown of Charlotte, NC, deserves every percentage of the 5 stars I'm giving them. Reminiscent of bands like Modern Life Is War and Give Up The Ghost (my two favorite hardcore bands of all time), "One Word" is a masterpiece, from the very first seconds of "Samsquanch," to the haunting last ones of "Russian Girls," this album is a perfect Emotional/Melodic Hardcore album. It's not self-indulgent, but it's the most evocative album of the last decade.

Complemented by absolutely stunning guitar work, perfectly-timed drums, and raw, raspy vocals, this 8-song album (clocking in at almost 43 minutes) feels too short, and no matter how many times I listen to it, I always want the album to last longer than "Russian Girls." In fact, if I had all the money in the world, I swear to God, I'd just pay these dudes to play nonstop, and be the soundtrack to my life. Fucking incredible.

This album, always structured immaculately, ranges from the gorgeous "Junaluska" to the aggressive "My Lips Are Seals," but never once breaks the mood--a somber, haunting one.

"Junaluska" is my favorite song, but not by far, as each one of these 8 songs is almost perfect in every way, and by every standard of hardcore. The thing that gets me every time about "Junaluska," though, is the reference to Give Up The Ghost: "It's sometimes like it never started, and it's sometimes like it will never end."

Also, like Give Up The Ghost, this album centralizes the theme of relationships and loss of them--which, in an era where apathy is the go-to theme of hardcore, is a bold move. Despite the connotation of that, though, there is never a single word of any line of any song that comes even close to being called "cliche," or anything of the like. The lyrics are moving and moody as fuck, which is one of the highest compliments I can give--when done right.

The energy on this album is unstoppable. Even on the slower, more melodic songs, there's an anxious energy that is unmatched by anything I've ever listened to (except "Marshalltown," by MLIW). I kept expecting the album to fade, towards the end, but it was high-intensity until the last seconds. Just absolutely nuts.

"I tried to reach you, but barely made it through the door. I don't care who you share yourself with, anymore."

Like I said, this is the best debut album of the last decade, as well as the best hardcore album. Buy their LP, buy their shirts, and keep these guys making music.