Darkentries, from the ever-fertile hardcore breeding grounds of Columbia, SC, has come up with some of the most interesting, brilliant hardcore I've ever listened to. Combining elements of Shoegaze, Dark Hardcore, and Sludge/Doom metal, Darkentries offers up two incredible tracks with "Myself To You," and "How The End Always Is."

"Myself To You" is a groove-heavy, terrifying look into the new wave of hardcore/metal. Featuring Swans-esque vocals that sing, ripped with reverb, over a heavy wall of riffs, cymbals, and traditional blackened hardcore vocals a la Young And In The Way or Cursed. While instituting more droning lead guitar, this song never loses its heaviness, with the haunting, "You saved yourself for sunrise," lyrics permeating the track. The main riff of the song is just a complete, 4-note headbanger that makes me wish I listened to more metal--something almost no bands have ever done. Unrelentingly aggressive, even in its melody, this track is schizophrenic as hell, but the good kind of schizophrenia: like Joan of Arc or Nicolas Cage. Too good to turn away from for even a second.

Neither does "How The End Always Is" lose it's heaviness, which features an alarmingly dark intro, with the Swans-style vocals in full effect. The haunting singing lasts for a full 2 minutes into the 5 minute track. After the singing fades out, the screams enter in, over a Doom-influenced verse, which flirts with melody, but never quite gives the listener the satisfaction. Always just one note off of catharsis, this song takes a short break at 3 minutes to showcase hoarse, raspy coughs, before the return of aggressive, full-range vocals that accent the apocalyptic vision of the instruments, and the song ends just the way it started--unsettling, but just the way you want it.

The band is prepping for a self-released 7" to come out in late summer or early fall, and I can only imagine what kind of chaotic, divine revelation they bring us next. Truly a band to watch.