While Sacramento, California may not have been widely known as a hot bed of punk rock in the 80's, the area scene was thriving enough that every major band would make frequent stops here and there wasn't a shortage of local bands to warm up the crowds. One such band, INFECTIOUS GARAGE DISEASE may not be well know outside of Northern California, but it's time that they are.

Formed by teenagers Donni (drums) and Jimmie (guitar) and later filled out with members of GRAVEL GUT, Matt (vocals) and Mike (bass), IGD's sole purpose was to play live and party as much as possible. With a thrashing punk sound, obnoxious and un-PC lyrics and subject matter, the band quickly developed a local following opening for the likes of D.R.I., The Accused, Adolescents, Kreator, Agent Orange, Condemned Attitude, Corrupted Morals and many others.

Although their songs were short, fast and at times a bit sloppy, there is no denying the intensity that the band delivered, song after song. The band would appear on a local public access music show, only to be banned from returning to the studio again for their rowdy antics. Singer Matt became notorious for his stage presence, thrashing and jumping around like a hyperactive freak spouting out lyrics about beer, pubic lice, porn and other wonderfully juvenile topics.

The band's mid to late 80's demo tapes were a local staple at local record stores and brought them enough attention to secure a full LP release. This period of the band is considered the classic line up but unfortunately the band dissolved just as the album was released to virtually no distribution.
IGD was revived with alternate short lived line-ups in the early and mid-1990's but it's the classic period of the band that fans remember the most and the period that is cataloged in a recent reissue via Negative Reaction Records. Throw this in your collection next to The Dwarves, The Meatmen, D.R.I., Dayglo Abortions and other obnoxious thrashing punk bands.

The CD release includes 43 completely remastered tracks from both the band's demos and the rare LP release. Also included via CD-rom extras are videos of a full live set and the legendary public access footage along with MP3 tracks of another live set and a rare rehearsal including several rare and unrecorded tracks delivering nearly 2 hours of material on one CD. With the current state of "punk rock" reduced to a mall commodity and trendy tours of watered down wanna-be's, it's prime time to discover INFECTIOUS GARAGE DISEASE.