Coming from Charlotte, NC, nothing makes me happier than bands from my state or city creating incredible music. Center of the Sun is from Charlotte, NC, as well, and so I am doubly happy. Featuring members of Meth Mountain (hell yeah), Young And In The Way, and a number of other kick ass Charlotte bands, Center of the Sun pulls from bands like Whirr (again, hell yeah) and Anne, while still fully maintaining their own sound and identity--not an easy task in today's scene.

The album opens with the reverb and delay soaked "We Are All Going To Die," a haunting intro that cuts immediately into "Cease," a solid, feel-good, shoegaze-inspired track. First of all, the drums: sweet Christ. I'm a sucker for well-tracked drums, and I am overwhelmingly impressed by the way these were recorded. With perfect clarity, they stab the typical shoegaze "wall of sound" with precision, but never overstep their boundaries. The lead guitar on this track is perfect: again, not overstepping, but, instead, complementing the other parts for one beautiful, cohesive piece.

"Home" is one of the singles off of the record, and rightly so. Changing pace, "Home" is a slow, somber track, drowsily and sweetly playing through it's almost-4-minutes like the last seconds before a summertime nap. This track shimmers.

"Turnabout" spends the first half of it's time in that summertime nap, but is never quite asleep. Simply soothing, not boring, it jolts the listener awake at 1:30, bringing in thick, fuzzy chords that plows through the remainder of the song.

"Reckless Sea" cuts back to the pace of "Cease," with a 90s alternative riff that fits perfectly with the intro. The verse, however, drops out the rhythm guitar and is sickly sweet, with just a hint of darkness, that the bridge both showcases and puts to rest. Bob your head to this song, and worship the sun.

"Take Me To Your Dealer," like "We Are All Going To Die," is another interlude that showcases vocalist Ally Hoffman's vocals, as they croon hauntingly. Pleasant.

A more bi-polar song on the album, "And I Am Left With Ludwig" alternates between the lead guitar-powered verses and its full band pre-chorus/chorus that is almost reminiscent of grunge (and I hesitate using that word because of its connotation), but not quite. Adding in the anxiety of the pre-chorus does a perfect job of making the chorus seem even sweeter. Brilliant track.

The intro to "Pull and Drag" is some of the best shit I've heard all year. Beginning with single drum hits and a lead in fill, with great, brooding riff a la Pedro The Lion's "Second Best." The verse, with those haunting as hell vocals, and the down-played guitars... Damn. This song. The chorus is great, don't get me wrong (just like every other part of this album), but wow. This intro/verse/post-chorus. I can't even give this credit. That's all.

I've never been so glad to pre-order an album in my life. This band is incredible; spanning every emotion and range of music... This is just incredible. I can't explain it in words.