Dog Years Records consistently puts out great, aggressive hardcore bands--and this band is no different. Pulling from Boston hardcore, both new and old, Over Analyzed is the hard hitting debut EP from Crosscheck. 5 tracks of heavy, fast hardcore that is reminiscent of everything from bands like No Warning or Guns Up! to SSD and Negative Approach, and everything in-between.

Each song on the record hovers right around the classically hardcore two-minute mark, but filled with the crunching, bashing riffs of more metal-tinged bands; making for a jammy, headbanging 8 minutes that is still, unashamedly hardcore punk.

"Held Back," clocking in at almost 3 minutes, is a great opening track, setting the pace and aggression of the following 3 songs--pissed. This track is just riffs on riffs on riffs, with a solo, and a bassline from Hell (or Boston) that is sure to make the most rigid hardcore listener smile.

"Live Through Lies" brings more of a Shipwreck A.D. influence to the table, that is wholly welcome to me, as I'm eating the Boston themes up. This song plows through with just the right mix of metallic hardcore--the kind that makes me want to throw this coffeeshop table through a window. "Overlooked" continues in this vein, beginning with a pummeling breakdown and never letting up from the beating.

"Confined" is similar to fellow PA hardcore/thrash band Rock Bottom, with chugging rhythm guitar and lead guitar that swoops in and out over top. Bass and drums are understated, but well-placed, and providing a platform for the raspy vocals that dominate the EP.

The title track brings meaning back to the term "Finale," and incorporates the aspects of their sound they do best--it's heavy, it's jammy, it's fast, it's kick ass. A great resolution to a great album. Think Slapshot meets Shipwreck meets your dad's old "Kill 'Em All" tape he hid in the closet so Mom wouldn't find it.

How can Philly Hardcore die if Crosscheck is forever? Check these guys out.