"When I was your age", the term pop-punk had a completely different meaning than it does in 2013. Pop punk to me means "bands that sound like they belong on Fat Wreck or Epitaph, circa 1997". Bands like this were some of the first "punk" bands I heard in my life, and elements of this style bring back memories of some of the best times I ever had. Even when they were talking about some serious shit, listening to "my" era of pop punk used to make me ecstatic. It was melodic, fast, and fun. I'm not even going to get into my extreme hatred for the modern definition, because I need to address Authority Zero's place in all of this.

Despite having been around since the late 90's, this is the first time I can recall knowingly hearing about this band, but every part of my being wishes that wasn't the case. Within 2 seconds of this record starting, memories of driving everywhere on the east coast with my friends while cranking bands like Anti Flag, Pennywise, Pipedown, and pretty much the entire Fat Wreck discography came flooding back. This is music that used to mean a lot to me, and I could not be happier that it's still being represented in 2013. This is the music I hated George Bush to, the music I drove to another state while trying to win over a girl while listening to, music that filled the gaps when I didn't want to listen to angry hateful hardcore and just have a great time.

Authority Zero, at least on this release, seems like one of those rare bands who breaks absolutely no new ground, sounds like a dozen and a half other bands, and yet it doesn't matter in the slightest because these guys can write a tune. I hope to have pretty much this entire record on rotation for the next few days/weeks/years, and I'm willing to bet it'll make me happy the whole time. I almost expect at any point for them to launch into a diatribe about the Iraq War like all the bands of this style used to do.

Highlights? Every song is a highlight. "For The Kids", "On The Brink", "Undivided", "21st Century Breakdown", it doesn't let up. Each song is so goddamn catchy. I need this band's entire discography right now.