A little over a decade ago, I became slightly obsessed with Killswitch's defining album Alive or Just Breathing (AOJB). I think this is true of a vast majority of fans of underground music at the time. I enjoyed their first album, but AOJB set the bar high. Unfortunately, not long after their singer Jesse left. While I enjoyed Howard singing the material live, I lost more interest in subsequent albums. However, I still occasionally would listen to AOJB and thoroughly enjoy it.

Last year Howard officially left the band. After lots of rumors, Jesse returned on vocals. This got me the more interested in the band than I had been over the last decade. A lot of mixed reviews have come out on the newest album. A lot of praise and many people saying it's more of the same and they phoned it in. Well, if they phoned this in then they have one of the nicest phones available. Simply put, this is the best thing they've done in a decade.

Immediately, I sensed an energy that had been lacking in the band. It's as if Jesse's returning had rejuvenated the band more than ever. It's noticeably their fastest release yet, or at least in some time. I don't feel as though they're going through the motions and taking a lazy stroll through Killswitch park. The riffs are quite strong and what you'd expect of KsE, but on par with what I've liked most of early releases which is a great mix of melody and heaviness. The production is of course top notch as always and each member is represented to the fullest.

Pretty much everything about Disarm the Descent is fierce. I haven't been this stoked on a metalcore release in some time. I do admit that I feel it opens stronger than it closes. However, if you enjoyed their early releases, I see no reason for you to not enjoy this. If you enjoyed all releases, then you should absolutely love Disarm the Descent.