There are few bands that write albums where every song is a memorable one. There's even fewer that do it with great song writing, great musicianship and raw emotion the entire album. Restorations sophomore album "LP2" is that rare case. Blending just about every style of music to form their own unique sound that changes every song. That no matter the tempo or mood is sure to give you goosebumps. So basically you can see where I'm going with this. LP2 is easily an early consideration for album of the year.

It's incredible and even unfair (jk) how far these punks have come. From their first self titled LP and leaving off from the A/B EP, every single release has gotten better. Just when I thought they couldn't push the envelope anymore, they go and prove me wrong. Not just the songs themselves, but every piece that goes into them has stepped their game up once again.

The production is big time. Out of this world loud and crisp. Producer/Engineer Jonathon Low couldn't have done a better job making every member squeeze out their best performance. Then mixing it to perfection. Lead guitarist Dave Klyman has outdone himself with the guitar work this album. Whether it's with the pedals he's added to his arsenal of effects or just better technical licks. It's very different for a rock band but shit is it awesome to hear some serious "diddily doos" in between the big riffs. The melodic yet intense vocals of singer Jon Loudon and really the whole band is really what brought this band once again to the next level. It's everything you could really ask for from a vocals point of view. Heartfelt lyrics, tons of harmonies, and the occasional pissed off yelling but in a tone which seperates them from their punk/rock peers.

With sing along songs like "Let's Blow Up the Sun", "New Old", "The Quit" and closer "Adventure Tortoise", Restorations are sure to join the likes of The Gaslight Anthem, The Menzingers and every other rock band that has blown up in recent years. So you better go see them soon before you have to pay 30 bucks to see them in a huge venue. I guess the old punks finally did grow up and their maturity is the best thing to happen in 2013.