Virginia, the state that I currently call home (although I'm not sure for how much longer), is putting out some great bands right now. Everything from 90s-style Emo to Dark Hardcore/Black Metal is thriving, and The Occupants fall somewhere in the middle. Taking cues from Jawbreaker's "Dear You" and song structures from The Promise Ring's "Nothing Feels Good," The Occupants bring more to the table than their contemporaries, stirring up deep-seated anxiety and aggression, while keeping their music simple and catchy enough to head-bob along to.

The vocals on the album, while almost consistently off-key, are tailor-made for the sound, bringing to mind--like I've already mentioned--The Promise Ring (If someone could show me more than 10 on-key notes on "Nothing Feels Good," I'd be almost let down). However, looking at the things that made "Dear You" and "Nothing Feels Good" instant classics, it's clear that The Occupants know exactly what they want, and exactly what they're doing. While the recording quality is murky at best, the instrumentation on the album is excellently executed, with cookie cutter drums, 90s-revival guitars, and bass that plods along, grinning like a maniac (and posi-jumping, I presume).

"Think Big" and "Lost" are almost right out of a Jawbreaker songbook--although maybe more on the "Unfun" side--but reminiscent of the best parts. On "Lost," I was reminded of the song "Oyster" (maybe it's just me, but I loved it). To me, that's a step in the best direction.

The title track turns a metaphorical page for the EP, still retaining the energy of Jawbreaker, but becoming darker and more visceral. I'm not a huge fan of the guest vocals, honestly, but it's still a great song, if not almost pop-punk (and yes, I know Jawbreaker is "pop-punk" but I'm referring to the newer wave of Pop-punk). Out of their element, this song still shines.

"Untitled" is simply the best track on the album. Romancing the melody of guitars and bass, letting vocals shine, and tapping away at snare hits, this song is so 90s Emo influenced, that I just want to kiss the speakers. Hell yeah.

"1959" is, again, a great track, but maybe a little overly long. I found myself a tad bit bored towards the end of it, but the intensity on the album, and the precision of the instruments is right on-par with the rest of the album throughout the very last seconds. A little too pop-punk influenced, but still good.

This EP is incredible, and while the band is still finding what sound is truly "theirs," I can't wait to hear what they do next. So much room for growth, and adding onto a great genre.