There is a sure -fire way to get my attention- mention the Annunaki. Start talking about ancient aliens and the theory that we were created not by gods but by more advanced beings from beyond the stars, and I will be rapt with attention, waiting anxiously to gain more knowledge. It's what keeps me watching that silly show on History Channel and listening to the Joe Rogan podcast. And now, out of the Biggest Little City in the world- Reno, Nevada, comes Blasphemous Creation with their furious concept album Battle of the Ancients.

Combining a thrashy death metal assault with blackened Carcass-like vocals, Blasphemous Creation tear through ten tracks of ancient astronaut battles and epic wars between alien races, with the fate of humanity held in the middle. Heads will definitely bang to this, the riffs and the pounding drums compel it. Short and to the point, ten tracks at 41 minutes, the album tells it's tale and lets you go, whether to ponder the origins of humanity or to just throw up your horns, that's up to you.

There is, however, one flaw that really takes me out of the album, and that's the guitar solos. While they definitely shred, they are often done in a very atonal manner, with the melody of the solo clashing badly with that of the rhythm. The result is this Slayer-like cacophony that really isn't all that pleasant. The dissonance doesn't work in the band's favor, it just comes off as a poorly-written solo that was improvised on the spot and done in one take. It's a bummer because the rest of the album sounds like a lot of effort went into it, why, then, did nobody work on the solos and make sure they were in key?

Still, don't let that stop you from enjoying this, it's a decent album that is fun to listen to and contains a good story within the lyrics.