It will pay off.

Turn down your lights. Close the shades. Remove yourself from all distractions. Let nothing come between you and the images that Mass V creates, not the light of day, not the sound of another human voice, the ring of a phone. Let this take you to another world, a greyscale world where the palette runs from overcast to the deepest midnight.

Let the reward for your dedication be your awakening. The music that finds the beauty in the most tortured, of a weight just begging to be dropped. May you feel every burden you've ever carried at once and reflect on it pensively, every triumph of your spirit, and where it has brought you. Allow your mind to wander into what could have been and explore the tragedy of unforgivable regret, and stare directly into the face of your deepest sorrows.

For this is not the madness of the insane, it is not the explosive rage of the knife wielder, it is the contemplative malaise of one whose soul is chronically wounded, whose scars will occasionally crack and bleed, never fully allowing the person to heal and move on, forever anchoring them to the past while pulling apart the foundations of the future...

Like a man who kneels, shot through with arrows, as his foes walk away leaving him to die, heartbroken and alone, grasping at the tatters of his life as they scatter to the four winds.

Yeah, that's what this sounds like.