There's nothing spectacular or unique I can say about this album. Except for that it's a very solid traditional doom album. It's droney with enough Sabbath and Candlemass worship to get any fan of the genres attention immediately. No cheese, no over the top synth or a million guitar pedals. Just 3 dudes playing slow, crushing doom metal with the beautiful gloomy vocals of front woman Shanda Fredrick.

The recording is raw but still has a lot of punch to it, which many recordings lack when trying to get that vintage sound many bands push for. Which I appreciate the clear vocals over the raw and fuzzy guitar tone. Many times the vocals or even drums will get drowned out by tones like this. "The Hundreth Name" shows us you can have that old school sound without putting out an album that sounds like is was recorded in a closet.

"A Decade Twice Over A Day" and "Hallowed Ground" are taken straight from the Tony Iommi book on how to doom. NOT A BAD THING. Demon Lung know how to let a big riff just do it's thing and rip for awhile. As oppose to so many new school doom bands that try to do more than enough and make a riff more than it is. With the pipes Shanda brings to the table it really gives these songs life. "Incantation" really show the power behind this womens vocals.

This is a sure pickup for any OG Doom lover. It's not overly heavy for the older crowd and still aggresive enough for the kids. From the 40-50 year olds that still blast Sabbath and their children who blast every Sabbath worship band alike would appreciate this album. So bring the family together and get them lighters out for Demon Lungs The Hundreth Name.